UK Web Hosting
UK Based VPS Server with cPanel

Our cPanel UK Web Hosting is perfect for those who like to use cPanel and WHM as their control panel. We have several powerful VPS Server options for you to choose from.

cPanel & WHM installed
Powerful VPS Server
Choice of CPU Memory & HDD
Super fast SSD Storage
Powerful Xeon Processors


cPanel Cloud VPS Server Plans

If you need a bit more umph for your web hosting, a VPS hosting server is an ideal solution. Offering dedicated CPU and memory resources for your intensive websites and apps. cPanel VPS hosting is easy to manage, via the control panel, only some technical knowledge is required plus we will help you along the way!

Starter 1GB 1 CPU 25GB SSD VPS

Entry Level VPS with more power than shared hosting as standard.

Fantastic Value!
£24.99 /mo
1 CPU Core
25 GB SSD Hard Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel User Interface Included


Ideal for larger sites requiring more  complex database queries or complex code execution

£34.99 /mo
2 CPU Core
50 GB SSD Hard Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel User Interface Included


Ideal for larger sites requiring more  complex database queries or complex code execution

More memory and storage!
£44.99 /mo
4 CPU Core
75GB SSD Hard Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel User Interface Included

Starter 8GB 6 CPU 150GB SSD VPS

Ideal for large sites and for splitting into smaller accounts and reselling.

Fantastic Value for the spec!
£69.99 /mo
6 CPU Core
150 GB SSD Hard Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel User Interface Included


Ideal for several large complex sites and several reseller accounts.

£99.99 /mo
8 CPU Core
200 GB SSD Hard Disk
Unlimited Bandwidth
cPanel User Interface Included

6GB 6 CPU Unlimited HDD Cloud

Cloud dedicated web hosting with 6 CPUs and 6GB RAM ideal alternative to a VPS

 Dedicated Cloud Hosting
£9.99 /mo
Unlimited SSD Web Space
Unlimited GB/Month Bandwidth
6GB Dedicated RAM
6 Dedicated CPU Cores
Unlimited Email Storage

VPS Server Features

Our VPS Servers run on the latest technology with super fast SSD Drives and Intel Xeon Processors, combined with DDR4 RAM the servers are dazzlingly fast!

 Super Fast Samsung SSD Drives

Super fast enterprise level SSD storage drives optimised for performance and redundancy

 Super fast VPS Provisioning

We set up your VPS server within minutes, and if you wish to upgrade in the future we can get this sorted for you just as quickly.

 Latest Technology VPS Servers

We use the latest technology in our servers 2.4 GHz Intel Xeon Processors with DDR4 RAM. Our cutting edge technology ensures your servers run smoothly and quickly.

VPS Server Features

Windows & Linux support

Freedom to quickly deploy CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows, you can reprovision this for a different OS at any time you like. A full list of OS options is available before you provision your VPS

Server Software Options

Choose to deploy your server with any of the following software: CMS Made Simple, Concrete 5, cPanel, Craft CMS, Drupal, Elgg, Joomla, Open Cart,Magento, Presta Shop,Wordpress and ZenCart.

Full Root Access to VPS

Full and complete acces to your VPS we dont support you with your VPS, as it is your own server, but we will definitely help you where we can. You’re in control of everything from the OS to the settings you provide.

Service level agreement

We guarantee your VPS will have a 99.99% up time, our servers are backed up with UPS and the backbone has a 99.99% SLA. If your VPS is down due to your own incorrect settings, then obviously this doesn’t count.

Super fast VPS Networking

Our network for VPS has 10Gbps Hypervisors and 40Gbps redundant uplinks on every switch mean that the network for your VPS is super fast and it wont be a bottleneck for your VPS.


Scalable VPS Solutions

You have the freedom to upgrade the memory, CPU and HDD on your VPS at any time you like. Just raise a support ticket and we will do the rest for you.

Hardware RAID Configuration

Our servers are all configured with hardware RAID 10 Arrays. Your data will not only be safe but served at the highest speeds.

One Click Applications for VPS

A comprehensive list of one click software applications that you can deploy quickly and easily to your VPS. cPanel also has several one click apps you can utilise in accounts you set up on the VPS.

Out of band console

Locked yourself out of your VPS, not a problem. Just use the out of band VNC access. Its as if you are just plugging a monitor into your VPS.

No Contracts or commitment

Like any of our services, we dont have any contracts or commitment periods. Just use us for as long as you want. The minimum term is 1 month. We are sure you’ll want to stay much longer 🙂